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The Grizzly Bear

Three month old Grizzly Cub

The Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) is second largest land carnivore, the polar bear being the largest.  They can weigh up to 1,200 pounds. The term grizzly comes from “grizzled” or grey hair in its fur.  Grizzly Bears are a subspecies of the Brown Bear.  They are generally found in western North America but they are also found in Asia and Europe.

They normally are a solitary active animal but during salmon spawn, they can be seen congregating with other grizzly’s along streams, lakes, rivers and ponds.

Their claws make them different from other species of brown bear.   Their claws are twice the length of their toes.

Grizzlies are omnivores since their diets consists of both plants and animals.  Grizzly bears also readily scavenge food, on carrion left behind by other animals

Female Grizzly Bears (sows) reproduce about every other year.  They have between 1 and 4 cubs (normally 2).  The newborn cubs weigh only about a pound.  Mother bears are notoriously protective of their cubs.    Mother protecting their cubs account for 70% of all fatal injuries to humans. Grizzly Bears normally avoid contact with people.

They are listed as threatened in the United Sates and endangered in Canada.

The Grizzly Bear is one of the many animals that you can adopt on World Wildlife Fund.


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