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Beach Portraits – Fun in the Sun

Eleven days ago I had so much fun taking beach portraits for a small family. I am a member of Independent Networking Group (ING) that meets once a week and this beach portrait session was for the family of one of the other members. Each week everyone stands and gives a minute elevator pitch on what kind of referrals they are looking for in their business and one member stands up and gives a ten minute presentation on their business. It was the day that I gave my ten minute presentation that Chad gave me a referral to do his family’s beach portrait.

On the day of the shoot, Chad called me and left me a voicemail message telling me that something happened and they might need to reschedule the shoot. I called him and he told me that one of the girls had cold sores on the outside of her mouth. I told him that it was not a problem, getting rid of cold sores is a two minute fix in photoshop so we did not have to reschedule the shoot.

One of my favorite locations to shoot is Huntington Beach State Park because it has plenty of beach and an area in the dunes which is perfect to set up a small family to shoot with the dunes and the ocean in the background. The one problem with Huntington is that it is a State Park so you need either a pass to get in or pay for each person. I meet with my clients at a grocery store a few miles down the street. I usually have a pass for me and an extra pass for my clients but because the season hasn’t really started yet, I haven’t gotten my extra pass yet. But since I knew Chad personally, I rode with their family over to the park and I left my car at the grocery store.

We arrived at the state park and after the youngest had to take a potty break, we headed to the beach to take the photos. For the next hour, I took all kinds of photos. I took photos of the entire family, just the parents, just the kids and each kid individually. For the last group of photos, I had the kids lay on their stomachs in the sand bend their knees so that their sand clad feet could be seen behind them and had their hands framing their faces. Then I did that for each child as well and it was some of the best photos I’ve ever taken. Chad then commented that he and his wife could do the same thing. Sam’s response was, “Cathie, please tell him that it is mainly for the children and adults don’t do it.” Not realizing that she wanted me to agree with her, my response was “No, parents can pose like that as well.” So they ended up laying on the sand as well and the photos turned out great. However, I got sand everywhere including inside of my belly button.

It was a great photo shoot and the photographs turned out great.


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A New Perspective

I have been doing photography for over 15 years and been a professional photographer for three years. I have shot beach portraits, weddings to nature, wildlife and landscapes.

I have taken photos all kinds of wildlife from bald eagles to alligators to dolphins to mountain lions. I have traveled to Yosemite National Park while I was still using my film camera and shot over 9 roles of film in 2.5 days. I grew up 45 minutes from Washington DC and I love to travel to DC whenever I get the chance. This past February I was up in DC and took photos of all the monuments with almost a foot of snow on the ground. And I was finally able to get good night shots of the different monuments.

But it has only been about a month since my life took on a very different turn. About four weeks ago, along with my mother who is a social media specialist, I am doing social media for a candidate for US Congress SC 1st District seat campaign. What started out just doing social media has now broadened into also doing photography and videography for the campaign. I have gone from not knowing anyone and no one knowing me to being on a first name basis with most of the congressional candidates and with some of the other candidates as well. It has been an experience especially since it has only been the last few years that I had interest in politics and it has only been the last few months that I have even thought of getting involved with the campaigns. What is going on right now in Washington scares the living daylights out of me. I have no doubts that our current president is out to destroy this great country and that is why I am doing all that I can do to see that that doesn’t happen. There are eight Republican candidates running for SC 1st District Congressional seat and overall, it is a good group of people.

I am still doing other kinds of photography like beach portrait sessions and on occasion if I have the time I head down to Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington Beach State Park to take photos of the wildlife.

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