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Once the primaries are over, it will be voters like me that candidates from both parties will be trying to sway. I am a registered Republican, mostly because I come from a long line of Republicans, but the truth of the matter is that I am probably what most people would call a moderate independent, due to my positions on some of the hottest issues – especially the following:

Abortion – This is a very contraversial subject. While I do not believe there are any circumstances that I could get an abortion, I do not believe that the federal government has a right to decide what I do to my own body. I also do not believe that abortion should be used as a birth control method especially as there are many couples out there who cannot have a child and are looking to adopt.

Death Penalty – I have no issues at all with the death penalty. In fact, I believe in many cases it is warranted. Ted Bundy is the first person who comes to mind. After killing at least 30 young women, he deserved the death penalty. Another person is Timothy McVeigh. In cases such as those where there was no reasonable doubt, and the crimes are so heinous, the death penalty is just. “Let the punishment fit the crime”.

Fair Tax – The income tax was created to pay for the U.S. Civil War and has long outlived its usefulness. The Fair Tax would replace the income tax. We would only be taxed on what we buy. Those who buy more, pay more. Everyone needs things like clothes and food. It might even make April 15th a day we no longer dread.

Politicians – I am for term limits for both Senators and Representatives as long as it is federally mandated instead of state mandated. Many people in Washington have been there far too long and have lost touch with their constituents. They have become so power hungry that they could care less about the people in this country. It is time for them to step aside. The Obamacare program is a perfect example of how Washington Politicans no longer care what the American people want. If this new Heathcare Program is so great, why do they refuse to be on it? One other thing is that there should be a cap on how many attorneys could represent us at one time – a good number is probably about ten in all. Personally I believe that the Supreme Court Judges should make up 9 of the 10.

And that brings up the last issue, which is Tort Reform. We do need tort reform and if we only have a few lawyers in Washington (and fewer special interest groups) we might actually get it. Frivolous lawsuits would all but disappear if the losers had to pay the costs of the case. Tort Reform won’t happen as long as Washington is run by politicians.

In the words of President Abraham Lincoln “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”


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  1. Perhaps mandatory retirement would be as meaningful and term limits. It is incumbent on the voters to manage their representatives in congress at the ballot box, however the rate of retained incumbents is staggering.
    House ages
    Senate Ages

    47 of 100 Senators are beyond 65 years of age and many well past…

    Comment by 2slim | March 30, 2010 | Reply

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