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Adding the Moon in Photoshop

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  The easiest way to add the moon to your photo is to cut and paste but to do that you need to decide the size of the moon before hand.  Open both photos in photoshop.  Crop the moon to about 2″x2″ (you can change the size of it is too big or small).  If you are using a Mac, hit Command A (PC – Ctrl A) to select moon, then Command C (Ctrl C) to Copy.  Go into the skyline photo and hit Command V (Ctrl V) to paste your image.  Using the Move Tool in Photoshop, move the moon to where you want it.  Go to the Layers palette and right click and select Blending Option. Select Lighten in the drop down box in Blend Mode to.  This hides the black square around the moon from view, leaving just the moon itself visible. The key is to make sure you place the moon over a photo with a dark sky (at least as dark as the blue one shown here, or darker). Once the moon is the right size and place, go to Layer – Flatten Image to put the two layers together.  Save your image.

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