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Photo Tips for Real Estate Agents

Is this the way you would like your house to look?

I have done work with our local Realtors and also have seen what a lot of Realtors are using to show off their listings. One of my biggest complaints is how AWFUL a number of pictures are on our local MLS. So here are some tips that I would like to share with you. The following is the advice I would like to share with you:

• Make sure that the room you are photographing is well lit either by making sure there is enough natural light or by turning on the interior lights no matter the time of day

• Try to use a tripod or set-up the camera on a table or a chair

• Try to get as much of the room as possible in the picture – stand in the corner, have the zoom at the lowest setting

• When taking a photograph of the outside of the house – DO NOT stand directly in front of the house. Stand off to one side instead. Pick the side that has the least amount of items (i.e. trees) blocking the house. Kneel down as low as you can – this will make the house look appear bigger

• Make sure that the lawn has been mowed recently

• There should be no cars in the driveway and make certain the garage door is closed

• Be aware where the sun is as you don’t want to have it behind the house or your photo will be too dark

• The main rooms that you want to photograph are the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, foyer and front and back porch

• Make sure your pictures are clear – a blurry picture is well, blurry. What is the point of even having a picture if no one can’t see what it is – it makes your reader squint and wonder if he/she needs glasses and serves absolutely no purpose

Or would you rather have your house look like this?


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